. Learn about Skin Care

. Natural Oils in Skin Care and which ones I recommend for YOU based on your needs

. Learn about my own Skin Secrets (I have never talked about) 

What I do, what I eat, what I don't eat, what I use, my own made Beauty Recipes

. Learn about the 5 most common Chemicals in Skin Care

.  (FREE CHAPTER ): Learn Holistic approaches and Ayurvedic remedies about getting clear skin from ACNE- based on my own experience. 


To preserve and secure privacy, you can now order my book through smash words by looking up the name: "Naturally Flawless: A holistic approach to clear skin". 

One of the most common questions I get asked is about my skin regimen. I am proud to say that I have adopted the organic lifestyle even with regards to my skin care routine. 

After having acne years ago, I learned how to take care of my skin without the use of medications and nasty toxic chemicals. I use organic herbs and spices, oils and essential oils in my skin care and I would never change a thing about my skin care routine. 

As a holistic beauty advocate and practitioner, I give to you this e-book that took me months to complete. 


BeforeacneIMG_1343  After


In this e-book I have written down everything about skin care, as well as my own skin care routine and what oils and holistic approaches I recommend to other BASED ON THEIR SKIN TYPE AND NEEDS. I also have written the last chapter as a FREE bonus and decided to attach it here (instead of making sales on it) as a free gift to those who are suffering from acne or acne scars. 

I have provided my testimony of how I got rid of my acne the natural/holistic way after literally having my skin peeled off with prescription medication.

You will learn great tips that requires little to no effort in your daily routine, which will help you towards a clear skin, naturally. 

To purchase my e-book you must search for it on smash words and sign up for a free account there, to receive my e-book.