My mission is to help change the world for the better.

Currently I am in the process of completing my MPH degree (Masters in Public Health), with a degree in nutrition, in preparation of becoming a Registered Dietician. I am

planning to work with people of different ethnic groups,cultures and beliefs –

 promoting a healthy living, by means of education and disease prevention.

As a lover of natural and ecofriendly products, I am a firm believer that people everywhere desperately need to incorporate green living in their lifestyle, which not only benefits them and their families, but truly makes a difference for the better for the environment as well. This degree is something I’ve been working for my whole life directly and indirectly through social media.

(My Instagram account)– where I shared beauty and health secrets to encourage others to live as aunaturale-ly as possible. This is where Aunaturale Babe® was born, because all of us can live an aunaturale life, where we won’t harm other species somewhere else, or pollute our own environment, harming our own bodies. 

Pictured below are Jellyfish swimming in the ocean. Resembling plastic bags drifting away, every day more and more turtles consume plastic thinking they’re Jellyfish. This is becoming a bigger problem as human population increases, and it’s not just the turtles that are involved, but every land/air/marine species that comes in contact with one directly or indirectly- including US!! You can read the story here.

Jelly fish